Thursday, 21 July 2011

Weight Training Tips

Now that we are more than likely out of the new years resolution period of loosing weight, the gyms will begin to get a bit quieter leaving the regulars more space and free equipment allowing your programmes to be a success. If building strength and tone is a priority for you then read my following tips on weight training.

1. Safe weight training: First and foremost it is vital that you train safely. Use weights that are realistic to you and your training, don’t use weights that are too heavy as you will risk your own safety. If training on your own without a spotter ensure that you use a weight selection which you can lift and set down safely after performing your set.

2. Rest: Ensure that you get enough rest and sleep in order to guarantee muscle repair allowing you to train again sooner, and therefore achieving optimal results.

3. Train Effectively: Train each of your muscle groups 2-3 times a week to gain effective results. Training each one just once a week will leave them too much time to recover.

4. Correct Technique: Train with a partner and make sure that you are both using correct technique to avoid injury and increase success. If team training isn’t for you then ask a member of staff in the gym to check your technique which they should be more than happy to do, remember they are there for your safety.

5. Diet: Correct diet is vital for all your training goals. You need protein to promote muscle recovery, where you get this protein from is up to you. You may prefer to have it in a protein shake, or to get it from foods such as meat, eggs and nuts.

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Hot gossip said...

Good share. But i think diet is still the numer one consideration when comes to weight loss.

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Fitness freak said...

Yes diet is vital to loosing weight, this post focuses on strength and tone. x