Thursday, 21 July 2011


Since doing my Body Combat Advanced Instructor Module (view post here) I decided to take up kickboxing in order to improve the authenticity of my teaching. I can honestly say that I am absolutely loving it! I enjoy working my body in a different way to what it is used to and kickboxing is such a great workout! The organisation I joined is called Titan Kickboxing. I am going twice a week (work permitting) and am due to do my very first grading on the 30th of July. I started out at the women's only classes and have more recently started a mixed class. It is at times really tough but the instructors Emma and Sam are lovely and are really encouraging, they work us extremely hard but give us all the praise we need to keep us going. I would highly recommend taking up kickboxing for whatever reason, be it weight loss, fitness, self defence, whatever the reason...just do it!
Women's only class (yes the doughnut on the end who doesn't match is me)

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