Tips to Stay Fit on Holiday

Everyone looks forward to having a nice relaxing holiday away where you can have some relaxing time to chill, but spending a few weeks as a couch potatoe Is a sure fire way of reversing all of your hard work.
Following the general rule that you loose your fitness twice as fast as you can gain it means that two weeks off will put you a whole month behind. I’m not saying go on holiday and spend it training as hard as you do when your at home, but do try and keep a mildly active programme on the go in order for you to to minimise your fitness losses. You don’t want to go on holiday and go full pelt into your regular exercise regime as backing off a bit does have its benefits, it gives your body the time it needs to repair in order to allow it to continue to improve fitness wise.

On Tuesday I am jetting off for 10 days with my boyfriend to relax and enjoy the sun. I don’t plan on doing much as I am well aware that my body needs time off. My job is to exercise so I need to be at my physical peak all year round. All I intend on doing is having some lovely long stretching sessions, maybe a few lengths in the pool, and a little practice of Body Balance. I won’t be doing any kind of cardio or resistance. This suits me just fine, but for some people sitting around doing nothing is just not an option!

For those of you who would like to stay more physically active than me on holiday take advantage of what is on offer.

-If you are staying at a hotel many do offer short exercise classes, such as simple aerobics, aqua aerobics. Have a go! Even if its not your kind of thing, its noce to do something different and an easy way to make holiday buddies.

-Go for long walks, check out the scenery surrounding where you are staying.

-Ensure that you are keeping well hydrated, if its hot you may need to increase your intake of fluid to minimise the risk of dehydration, (ahhh fanta lemon by the pool, lush!)

-Your hotel may offer a gym, make use of it!

-No gym? No classes? Been for a walk already? Use the pool, try doing pyramids. One length, break for 20secs, 2 lengths break for 20secs, 3 lengths and so on, up to 10, then back down again. See if you can improve your time or amount of lengths whilst you are away.

-How about the bedroom workout, no its not what your thinking, grab the dresser chair, a towel 2 small bottles of water, do yourself a little fitness circuit.
30secs star jumps
30secs squats
30 secs tricep dips (use the chair)
30secs crunches
30secs Push ups
30secs Bicep Curls (with bottles)
30secs plank
Doing something like this 3 times through in the morning will kick start your metabolism and provide you with a small amount of cardio and resistance work for the day.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and STAY SAFE IN THE SUN! 


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