Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Alesha's Dance Fusion

Unique to LA Fitness clubs across the country, Alesha's Dance Fusion is a new exercise class featuring different styles of dance from Hip Hop to Latin, designed to bring the fun back into exercise, Dance Fusion was created to be enjoyed by everybody!
(Alesha and Dance Fusion choreographer Shey Shehovich)
 It was launched in May of this year and was a success in LA Fitness Clubs. The beginning of November saw the launch of Dance Fusion 2. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to try Dance Fusion 1 (check out a video of it here), but have been taking part in number 2! Admittedly, after the first time I tried it I wasn't sure if it was for me, but the second time I did it I enjoyed it more, I was already familiar with the moves and so wasn't irritating myself by not getting them right. The choreography in Dance Fusion 2 isn't complex and is easy to pick up so the class really is for everyone. I have participated five times now and can't wait until Wednesday to do it again! I'm already looking forward to the launch of Dance Fusion 3! Hopefully soon I will get to try the first one!

Monday, 29 November 2010

My week in exercise

I started the week with a bang;
Early morning Spin, abs circuit, 440m Swim.
5pm Body Pump, Spin, Legs Bums and Tums, Dancercise. Lots of cardio....lots of money ;)

I ran today for 45mins and did 6.14 miles 9.88km. I felt I could have done a bit more so next week, I will!!

I wasn't feeling great in the evening so after teaching Spin I was about to leave for a night in bed with chocolate...only to be reminded that I had a WaterWorks class to teach! How could I forget!

Doing the early shift in the gym untill three ruled out any training in the morning. In the evening I helped launch Body Combat to the Radmoor Centre, followed by Body Pump.

A blessing in disguise, LA Fitness was closed for the day due to having new gym equipment brought in, so I took the day off of exercise.

Early morning spin, and evening Body Combat was all I had today. Another nice restful day :)

Back in Eastbourne teaching Body Pump and Body Combat, the rest of my days training was hindered by...SNOW! In November?!?

Again, no training due to snow grrr, but still managed to make it to Brighton to teach Body Combat!

Roll on a new week!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Quote of the Week

'If your dog is fat, you're not getting enough exercise.'

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

WaterWorks Diary of an Instructor

I taught my first WaterWorks class at LA Fitness today, it was fab, I managed to get the chore spot on and was really pleased. This is the class where I have got the most out of the participants since I have started teaching the programme. They were talking back, singing along and giggeling. It was great!

The only problem was, when I got in the pool, it was absolutely freeeeeeezing!

I'm really looking forward to continuing teaching this group, I think we are going to bond well, ensuring they keep coming back which will get them well on their way to reach their goals.
With regards to my teaching, I feel that I am beginning to really find my 'WaterWorks Personality'. The 'tough' personality I have teaching Body Combat, or the 'hardcore' one for Spin, dont really fit an Aqua class, so its nice to bring back the 'fun, light-hearted' personality I was commended for when I originally did my ETM course.

Still loving WaterWorks!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Powerade Zero

This week I tried Powerade Zero. I have never used Powerade before but have seen the inspirational video featuring Jessica Ennis. 
 It seems to be marketed as the same type of product as Lucozade light, which is marketed as 'only 50 calories' with Powerade Zero marketing as 'the zero calorie sports drink'
'Powerade is the isotonic drink created by sports people for sports people. Kit for your insides, the specially designed formula helps you stay at the top of your game before, during and after you exercise.
The latest addition to the range is Powerade Zero for calorie free fitness hydration. Designed by sports scientists for sessions lasting less than 60 minutes, its advanced mineral system includes sodium to help to restore your fluid balance and prevent dehydration, resulting in optimum hydration.
Powerade Zero helps your body absorb and retain fluid, delivering a more complete rehydration solution, without adding back the calories.' (powerade.com)

It comes in five flavours, Grape, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Lime, and Orange.
I tried the mixed berry flavour, its really yummy, I was shocked by the taste, it tastes like a blue ice pop, very yummy! I would definitely recommend it! In my opinion it actually tastes nicer than the Summer Berries Lucozade Lite! (My previous favourite sports drink

Monday, 22 November 2010

My week in running...ahem, exercise?

I missed my Monday run this week as I had my sister visiting and didn't want to leave her on her own! She left in the afternoon, and in the evening I did Body Pump express, Body Attack, Body Balance (47, ouch hip flexors!) got settled to teach spin and 5 mins in there was a power cut!

I'm easing myself back into running now, I was aiming to do a 30minute run, got ever so slightly lost :s so it ended up 38 mins, so not too much difference! I ran 3.79 miles (6.09km) not too bad for just getting started! I also taught a spin class followed by WaterWorks and Body Balance.

Working at 7am really takes it out of me, but after work today I was really up for a run, unfortunately I had to go and view houses for 3 hours so no run for me! This evening I did Alesha's Dance Fusion and taught WaterWorks.

Today consisted of uni, Body Balance, Body Pump and WaterWorks. Lovely Jubbly!

Back home to lovely Eastbourne today, not too much going on for me in the world of exercise, just Body Combat.

Body Pump and Body Combat followed by my first taste of Vipr! It was awesome! Vipr Instructor Jason Day gave me a hardcore Vipr circuit and boooy did he work me hard! Check back soon for a post dedicated to Vipr.

After eating my body weight in food yesterday I had to face the four hour train journey back to Loughborough, but not before teaching the quietest Body Combat class of my life!

So to sum it all up, one run doesn't constitute a post named 'my week in running'. Better luck next week!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New Look

Check back on Monday 22nd November for the new look Barrett's Fitness!