Wednesday, 24 November 2010

WaterWorks Diary of an Instructor

I taught my first WaterWorks class at LA Fitness today, it was fab, I managed to get the chore spot on and was really pleased. This is the class where I have got the most out of the participants since I have started teaching the programme. They were talking back, singing along and giggeling. It was great!

The only problem was, when I got in the pool, it was absolutely freeeeeeezing!

I'm really looking forward to continuing teaching this group, I think we are going to bond well, ensuring they keep coming back which will get them well on their way to reach their goals.
With regards to my teaching, I feel that I am beginning to really find my 'WaterWorks Personality'. The 'tough' personality I have teaching Body Combat, or the 'hardcore' one for Spin, dont really fit an Aqua class, so its nice to bring back the 'fun, light-hearted' personality I was commended for when I originally did my ETM course.

Still loving WaterWorks!

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