Monday, 21 March 2011

Les Mills Supernova

It has been just over a week since the massive Les Mills Supernova Super Quartely. My friend and I set off on Friday night for the travelodge in Harlow. We rose bright and early and popped to Sainsburys for a nutritious breakfast of...blueberry muffins mmmmm.
The opening ceremony was slightly different than what we experienced at Ignition, Phil Harrison shook shook shook the room!

My favourite part is at 0.58 seconds. This was brilliant! (Excuse the sound quality)

8.30am brought Body Combat 47 presented by the Tanya Walker, Justin Riley and Phil Harrison. This was the best way to start the day for sure! Straight away the warm up started and I LOVED it!!!

There is an interesting Kung Fu style kata in this release which is I think is going to be a hit with the members, along with new moves in tracks four and seven and an absolutely killer core track!
Yet another fantastic release from Dan and Rach :) (except I got track 5 stuck in my head when I was trying to sleep a few nights ago and couldn't sleep. Very annoying.)

9.45am and its Body Step 83 time with Vanessa Labort, Kc Van-Roose, Grant Peach and Em Day, the team, as always, delivered a remarkable Body Step class.
There are some good combos in this release, for some reason my legs wouldn't cooperate with the 'over the top, hill dig combo' for aaaaages, eventually I got it, I also liked the mambo combos, forwards and back, woo!

11am and the Body Pump presenter team rocked up on stage in their stylish Body Pump tops ready to smash us with the worlds biggest weight based group fitness programme.
(I'm in this piccy, right at the front of the stage) 
At the start I made it to second row, by track four I was front centre baby!!  Wow is all I have to say about Body Pump 77. Currently this is my favourite release since I trained to teach Body Pump on release 69. 
The music is fantastic, the squat track is one of my favourite songs, I never liked Enrique's 'I like it' untill now, the bicep track is tough, and I am delighted to have finally, after lots of hard work, got my bicep weights up! The back track is a massive cardio peak in the release the power clean combo containing the clean and not one, not two but THREE presses! Wowsers. Welcome back the rotator press in the shoulder track, and the hand and foot taps in the core track, once you got it, its time to take it around the world whilst speaking no americano.

12.15 and its Body Jams turn! I really enjoyed this release, again a strong release musicwise, unfortunately I couldn't see their feet onstage as I was so far back so it took me a veeeeery long time to realise they were simply tapping their heels, got it eventually :) I can only imagine that I was very amusing to watch up until this point.

 O.M.G N'Sync is genious, massive fan, love the song, love the routine, loved the boy band on stage at Supernova! Sarah Norman <3

It was then time for a well earned rest, lunch at quartelies always mean Ginsters Chicken and Mushroom Slice mmmmm and haribo cherries, it's tradition.

Straight into Body Attack which I'm sure nearly killed me, I lost track of how many tracks we had done and sighed in relief when I thought we had finished as my legs were beginning to slow....Kc then jogs up front as the next track kicks in, my mind was yelling 'noooooooo I can't possibly do it' stupid mind, I did it, and cheered practically the whole way through, I must had just been having a mind malfunction, after all 'when your body screams, tell it to SHUT UP!'

And last but definitely not least...Body Balance 52.

 This is my second Body Balance release and I cannot wait to learn it and begin teaching it! Like with Body Combat 47 I love the first two tracks, I like them all if I'm honest, but it was those two that really stuck out for me. This was the perfect way to finish such a manic day I want Balance to be at the end of every quartely. I haven't had the chance to have another look at it yet but there is some bonkers goings on in the core tracks, bonkers= fun. R kelly brings back some memories!

I cannot wait for the next quartely, Saturday June 4th at the K2, I've already checked :D

A massive thankyou to Fitpo, The Presenters, all at Les Mills and all who were involved in Supernova, I had a fantastic day as always and left feeling exhausted but very inspired, can't wait to do the Body Combat AIM1 next month with Tanya!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Beats to Make You Move Your Feet

Yesterday when I was doing Workout 1a I was listening to Mcfly's greatest hits album. I love the sound of Mcfly, the music did the trick, it kept me going whilst keeping me entertained.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancake day

Hello Pancake Day 2011!

Is anyone giving up anything for lent? Me, for no reason in particular, I am going to give up chocolate.
Some people may think that it will be easy. I. Beg. To. Differ. I eat chocolate practically every day and have a massive sweet tooth, therefore I know I am going to find this extremely tough. The next 40 days will be hard but I do love a challenge
I reakon I can do it though :) Bring it on!! 

Monday, 7 March 2011

My Week in Exercise

I preach to clients day in day out about the importance of rest days from exercise but never seem to find a space to fit one into my week. This week my lack of never resting really caught up with me which severely affected my training regime, everything I did was lethargic and half-hearted, resulting in me doing nothing all day on Thursday AND Friday and feeling sorry for myself indeed. I have now looked closely at my schedule and found myself a rest day! From this day onwards, unless it is a million per cent essential, I am no longer going to do any form of training on a Thursday (lets see how long this lasts).
Note to self: Rest.
This week went as follows:

Run 4.65 miles
Workout 1a
Body Attack
Body Balance

By this point all I wanted to do was sleep.
Body Pump 74
Run 3.59 miles

2x Body Balance 51

By this point all I wanted to do was lie down...forever



Body Pump (mix)
Body Combat (44)
Vipr Circuit
Body Balance (51)

Family Cycle
Vipr Circuit
Body Combat (44)

By this point I felt great again!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Beats To Make You Move Your Feet

Yesterday whilst I was working out I listened to Avril Lavignes album. I love her sound, she definitely keeps me going! Looking forward to her bringing out her new album.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Week in Exercise

I had a relatively chilled out week in exercise this week, I had a deadline for a uni assignment on Friday so naturally had to spend alot of time on it this week therefore allowing my training to suffer.
Note to self; 'must stop leaving work untill the last minute!'

Run 50 mins
Body Pump 69
Workout 2
Body Attack 71
Body Balance 51
So Monday went well, quite busy. I'm a bit backwards in that I love Mondays. I however HATE getting multiple stitches in Body Attack, 2 weeks in a row that the stitches have tried to kill me!

Run 46mins, same route as Monday, knocked 4 mins off the time.
Workout one
Body Balance 51

Body Balance 51
Workout 2
Did uni work aaaaall day after that, then got distracted by my flat mates doing drinking games in the kitchen involving an assault course, I had to join in...minus the drinking.

A whole day spent on Uni work, took a short break to teach WaterWorks, which was ever so very hot, see WaterWorks Page for a brief summary. I was then up untill 2am, subitted my work at 1.30 am 14.5 hours early, yesssssss.

Quite a quiet day, I travel home on Fridays so have the pleasure of spending 3 and a half hours on a train before teaching Body Combat, I taught a random mix today.
Track 1: 43
Track 2: 36
Track 3: 35
Track 4: 35
Track 5: 35
Track 6: 35
Track 7: 44
Track 8: 44
Track 9: 44
Track 10: 44

Body Pump 74
Body Combat Mix
Body Balance 51

Body Balance 51
Family Cycle
Body Pump 74
Body Combat Mix

Reading back over this post I see that maybe it wasn't as chilled out week as I originally thought. I must fit a rest day in.