Sunday, 17 April 2011

FitPro Convention Day Two

Today I was still aching like never before from AIM1, maybe even more? I had to be at the convention for 7.30am so I took my ever so painful (but in a good way) body off to campus. I worked until 1pm and went straight to the demos! First off we had Outbox 
Outbox teaches you boxing and coaching techniques to improve your own coaching skills, ideal for PT's who regularly use padwork in their sessions.

Body Pump, the original barbell work out that strengthens your entire body! 

BODYCOMBAT™ is the empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. With Dave (did my AIM1) Steve (did my moduule training) Giovanni and Lee. 

BODYATTACK™ is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. 

BODYJAM™ is the cardio workout where you are free to enjoy the sensation of dance with Em, Sarah and Shey. Beauts.
Cheerobics® is the unique fitness programme that combines  aerobics and cheerleading, with the fun of pompoms!

To finish the day I went to THE most amazing Body Pump class 

Of course I was front-centre as usual :D See below the ladys showing their girl power in the tricep track.

Have you ever seen so many instructors on stage before?! Wowzers!

Monday, 4 April 2011

How very appetising

Don't you hate it when you go food shopping, try to stock up on fruit and veg but have to first rifle through the rotten rubbish? This is exactly what happened to me this morning! These clementines don't exactly scream 'eat me'

It took me aaages to find just four pink lady apples that weren't bruised!
Who's been eating this one?!?!