Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Want to Start Running?

Always seek medical advise before beginning an exercise programme.
Running is cheap, requires no special skills, equipment, or organisation with team mates. An efficient way to increase fitness.
Health is the ability to live from illness and injury, enabling a person to live normal and in comfort.
Fitness is the freedom to expend alot of energy efficiently.

Once you have done an exercise your body recovers and adapts to make it easier to do this in future. Contrary to popular beliefe adaptation occurs when our are recovering not when you are undertaking the exercise.
Listed are just a few benefits of running
-Improves your health.
-lowers levels of body fat and obesity
-lower risk of heart disease and stroke
-stonger bones, reduced risk of osteoperosis, and osteoarthiritis
-reduced risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes
-improved immune system
-stronger muscles, less risk of degeneration of joints
-reduced risk of back pain
-increased mobility.

Some say that runners are at risk of joint damage. Runners are infact more likely to put stress on joints potentially causing damage, but are less likely to suffer arthiritis in the knees than a couch potato.

When running you should be wearing suitable kit. Avoid cotton> I bought some new kit yesterday as its beginning to get warmer This are my new Karrimor gear. I got them on sale in Giles Sport loughborough on sale. The bottems were reduced from £29.99 to £9.99 and the top from £14.99 to £4.99!! I've never had this make before, My normal running gear is Nike full length running tights and a Berghaus jacket. Karrimor has been designed to 'be durable and protect from the elements whatever the climate.' Sounds good to me!

If possible buy your running shoes from a specialist running shop where they can do quick and easy tests checking for over pronation or supination, and foot strike. I boughts my Asics trainers fro Kings Road Sport Centre (K.R.S.C) £115. They are worth every penny. I discovered there after undergoing these short tests that I have a weak right ankle which was the cause for my knee pain, which when wearing these trainers I don't feel. I bought them mainly for studio use rather than running as I love running in my Nike Shox, featured in the previous Nike Run post.

It is important for women to wear sports bras when running or undergoing exercise, to prevent ligament damage and for comfr0t. Again avoid cotton, and go for either Nike dri fit, or Adidas Climalite. You can also purchase socks specifically designed for running.
In the cold weather try and wear light layers, synthetic base layer, water resistant top layer, optional thermal layer inbetween.
And in the hot weather do not strip down, you need to protect your skin from the sun. Try Adidas Clima Cool gear.

As always...if you have any questions just leave a comment ! Happy Running!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Keep fit on holiday

Everyone works for that beach bod for summer holidays, but how can you maintain it whilst you are away?
Generally you loose your fitness levels twice as fast as you improve them so you can't afford to go on a two week holiday and be completely sedentary.
Your holiday workout plan should be lighter than your normal regime allowing your body and mind to rest. Holidays are a perfect chance to recharge your bodies batteries so that you will be fired up and ready to get back to your regular fitness regime once you get back home, with a renewed enthusiasm.
The simplest ways for you to keep fit whilst away are walking along the beach, and swimming, You could walk along the beach in the sea using the waters resistance. Having a stretch pre or post-sunbathing session. Or gentle resistance work using water bottles as weights.

Me and my man snorkelling in Egypt last September

We snorkelled everyday, it was exhausting! But we loved it :)

the aim of exerciseing on holiday should be to MAINTAIN your fitness levels, allowing you to get straight back to your usual routine.

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Good Luck booking your holidays! :D

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


You may have heard of BMI but what is it?

BMI (body mass index) best used to determine wether a person is obese or clinically obese.

Your BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in centimetres, squared. W/(Hsquared)=BMI

The BMI calculator is not accurate if you are an athlete or carry alot of muscle as muscle ways more than fat and could put you into a higher weight category.

However working out your BMI is quick, easy and cheap to do.
If your having trouble converting feet into centimetres visit

For example, I am 170.2cm (5'7") and weigh 53kg
The equation I used to work out my BMI is

Giving me a BMI of 18. This is a perfect example of how BMI isn't 100% effective, it doesn't take into consideration that I exercise for a living and in actual fact am not underweight but am healthy.

Check out the BMI chart to see which category you fall into.

If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to leave a comment or drop me an email at

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Muscle recovery

Want to know what happens to your body after exercise?

0-30 mins after exercise
-Metabolic rate slows and begins to return to pre-exercise levels
-Heart rate slowsand begins to return to resting rate
-Body temperature drops and begins to return to pre-exercise levels
-Elevated hormone levels (testosterone and cortisol) begiin to drop
-Muscles begin refueling with ATP and creatine phosphate
-Body begins removing excess lactic acid, from the muscles via the blood stream

30-120 minutes after exercise
-Your body begins rehydrating, restoring fluid volume to pre exercise levels
-Glycogen stores in the muscles are replenished (aided by the presence of carbs, a high carb sports drink after exercise can aid in muscle recovery.)

2-24hours after exercise-Carbohydrate replenishment continues, though at a slower rate.
-muscle repair takes place, resulting in the desired adaptation to exercise, (results in gains in muscle function)


What is flexibility?
Flexibility is the ability to move your muscles and joints through their full range of motion.

Flexibility is dependent on a number of factors, some that you can change, some that you can't.
You can change:
-Frequency of stretching,
-Choosing the right exercises,
-Correctly executing the exercises,
-Building strength,
-Overall conditioning.
You cannot change:
-Body structure,
-Injury or disability,

Benefits of Stretching and flexibility:
-Overall fitness,
-Improved body awareness,
-Increased energy,
-Injury prevention,
Helps you to focus as stretching is meditative, promotes relaxation and is great for stress relief!

lengthen the muscle and holding it 10-20 secs 2-4 reps
the aid of partner or stretching devise


performing unassisted
Dynamic-controlled movement 8-13 each side, increasing range of mment each side
PNF:Stretch and contract. proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
aided- stretching machines

When you start a stretching programme, begin with static stretches, progress to dynamic, add pnf when advanced, supplement with passive/ aided.

Stretch untill you feel tension in the muscle but not pain.
Moderate stretching can be done everytime you work out, reserve more intense workouts for every other day to allow your body to recover.
Commit to 15 mins a day, its a small commitment! You can do it!!

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Choosing a personal trainer

When choosing a personal trainer to suit you there are many things that you need to take into consideration before commiting to anyone.
First and foremost, check their qualifications, they must have relevant Level 3 personal trainer qualifications. Some trainers specialise in certain areas, so if you have a particular injury then some may have qualifications in injury rehabilitation that would be perfectly suited to you!

1. Meet before you pay.
Although it is great to have a personal trainer recommended to you by friends or family, make sure you meet them first.You should get a complimentary session with the trainer before you pay any money. Not all personal trainers' personality will suit yours. You will get a good idea of how you two will get on in your first session, shop around! Bear in mind that you will be spending a lot of time with this person and a lot of money to them so you want to get your moneys worth.

2. Be prepared to pay upfront.
Most trainers sell their sessions in blocks, don't be put off by this, sometimes this makes the sessions slightly cheaper for you.

3. Tracking progress.Your trainer should monitor and track your progress, this shows you that you are getting your results and your trainer is doing their job properly.

4.Self obsessed?You don't want to have a trainer who constantly talks about themselves. The time you spend with them is all about you.

5. Staying with you.
Dure in your session you should have your trainers undivided attention. If they wonder off in your time to talk to other people or for a 'quick break' you should demand your money back, an important part of having a personal trainer is having someone to motivate you, how are they going to do that when they are not with you?

6. Constant Training.
If your trainer is ever away for any reason and is missing sessions with you then they should give you a programme to follow in the mean time.

Your trainer should always be on time, If they are consistantly late they are showing that they dont have you as a priority.

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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Trying to bulk up?

Want to go from this..
to this...?

Bulking up isn't something that happens over night, you need to plan, deliver, and keep going. Consistency is the key. You can't train for a week give up then start again a few weeks after and expect to get results.

To Bulk up you need to put on weight by upping your calorie intake by at least 500 calories per day, you need to be eating the correct types of food, e.g proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Rather than eating 3 meals a day, try 5.

Along with your new diet you will need a new training programme consisting of effective exercises and adaquate resting times. Do not fall into the habit of,
Monday: chest
Tuesday: back
Wedsnesday: triceps
Thursday: biceps
Friday legs
Saterday: Abs

Training this many times a week is absolutly fine but you are only working each muscle group once in that week when preferably you sholud be working each 2-3 times in a week.

Monday: Chest, Triceps, Abs
Tuesday : Back, Biceps, Legs , Shoulders
Weds: Cardio
Thursday: Chest, Triceps, Abs
Friday: Back, Biceps, Legs, Shoulders
Saturday: Cardio

Monday: Chest, Triceps, Abs
Tuesday: Back, Biceps, Legs, Shoulders
Wednesday: Chest, Triceps, Abs
Thursday: Chest, Triceps, Abs
Friday: Back, Biceps, legs, Shoulders
Saturday: Chest, Triceps, Abs

Both of these programmes provide your muscles with enough time to rest.

Alongside your new diet and new programme try out supplements such as Maximuscle Progain

'Progain contains a special blend of whey protein along with the slow release, low GI, carbohydrates nutriose and inulin. No cheap sucrose or fructose has been added. With Progain, you get a combination of fast nutrient uptake and sustained energy release with an easy-to-digest, but energy dense 453 calories per serving.'

Take a look at for more information on the product and to purchase it. It costs £38.99 for a 2kg tub with the option of buying 3 and getting one free making each tub £29.24! A massive saving! Progain provides 32g of protein per shake.

Good luck, any questions, email me at
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