Thursday, 4 March 2010

Muscle recovery

Want to know what happens to your body after exercise?

0-30 mins after exercise
-Metabolic rate slows and begins to return to pre-exercise levels
-Heart rate slowsand begins to return to resting rate
-Body temperature drops and begins to return to pre-exercise levels
-Elevated hormone levels (testosterone and cortisol) begiin to drop
-Muscles begin refueling with ATP and creatine phosphate
-Body begins removing excess lactic acid, from the muscles via the blood stream

30-120 minutes after exercise
-Your body begins rehydrating, restoring fluid volume to pre exercise levels
-Glycogen stores in the muscles are replenished (aided by the presence of carbs, a high carb sports drink after exercise can aid in muscle recovery.)

2-24hours after exercise-Carbohydrate replenishment continues, though at a slower rate.
-muscle repair takes place, resulting in the desired adaptation to exercise, (results in gains in muscle function)

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kirstyb said...

thanks for sharing this! i always wondered! what happens after the 24 hours lol xoox