Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Choosing a personal trainer

When choosing a personal trainer to suit you there are many things that you need to take into consideration before commiting to anyone.
First and foremost, check their qualifications, they must have relevant Level 3 personal trainer qualifications. Some trainers specialise in certain areas, so if you have a particular injury then some may have qualifications in injury rehabilitation that would be perfectly suited to you!

1. Meet before you pay.
Although it is great to have a personal trainer recommended to you by friends or family, make sure you meet them first.You should get a complimentary session with the trainer before you pay any money. Not all personal trainers' personality will suit yours. You will get a good idea of how you two will get on in your first session, shop around! Bear in mind that you will be spending a lot of time with this person and a lot of money to them so you want to get your moneys worth.

2. Be prepared to pay upfront.
Most trainers sell their sessions in blocks, don't be put off by this, sometimes this makes the sessions slightly cheaper for you.

3. Tracking progress.Your trainer should monitor and track your progress, this shows you that you are getting your results and your trainer is doing their job properly.

4.Self obsessed?You don't want to have a trainer who constantly talks about themselves. The time you spend with them is all about you.

5. Staying with you.
Dure in your session you should have your trainers undivided attention. If they wonder off in your time to talk to other people or for a 'quick break' you should demand your money back, an important part of having a personal trainer is having someone to motivate you, how are they going to do that when they are not with you?

6. Constant Training.
If your trainer is ever away for any reason and is missing sessions with you then they should give you a programme to follow in the mean time.

Your trainer should always be on time, If they are consistantly late they are showing that they dont have you as a priority.

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kirstyb said...

oh yes i agree - if your spending that much money on personal training it should defo all be about you! check out the comp on my blog please xooxo

Diane said...

I feel so bad reading this, because I used to work out and now I don't anymore and I should really lose some weight :P

Have a fun weekend, I'm following you!