Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Keep fit on holiday

Everyone works for that beach bod for summer holidays, but how can you maintain it whilst you are away?
Generally you loose your fitness levels twice as fast as you improve them so you can't afford to go on a two week holiday and be completely sedentary.
Your holiday workout plan should be lighter than your normal regime allowing your body and mind to rest. Holidays are a perfect chance to recharge your bodies batteries so that you will be fired up and ready to get back to your regular fitness regime once you get back home, with a renewed enthusiasm.
The simplest ways for you to keep fit whilst away are walking along the beach, and swimming, You could walk along the beach in the sea using the waters resistance. Having a stretch pre or post-sunbathing session. Or gentle resistance work using water bottles as weights.

Me and my man snorkelling in Egypt last September

We snorkelled everyday, it was exhausting! But we loved it :)

the aim of exerciseing on holiday should be to MAINTAIN your fitness levels, allowing you to get straight back to your usual routine.

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