Thursday, 4 March 2010


What is flexibility?
Flexibility is the ability to move your muscles and joints through their full range of motion.

Flexibility is dependent on a number of factors, some that you can change, some that you can't.
You can change:
-Frequency of stretching,
-Choosing the right exercises,
-Correctly executing the exercises,
-Building strength,
-Overall conditioning.
You cannot change:
-Body structure,
-Injury or disability,

Benefits of Stretching and flexibility:
-Overall fitness,
-Improved body awareness,
-Increased energy,
-Injury prevention,
Helps you to focus as stretching is meditative, promotes relaxation and is great for stress relief!

lengthen the muscle and holding it 10-20 secs 2-4 reps
the aid of partner or stretching devise


performing unassisted
Dynamic-controlled movement 8-13 each side, increasing range of mment each side
PNF:Stretch and contract. proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
aided- stretching machines

When you start a stretching programme, begin with static stretches, progress to dynamic, add pnf when advanced, supplement with passive/ aided.

Stretch untill you feel tension in the muscle but not pain.
Moderate stretching can be done everytime you work out, reserve more intense workouts for every other day to allow your body to recover.
Commit to 15 mins a day, its a small commitment! You can do it!!

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