Monday, 31 January 2011

Weight Training Tips

As soon as I am 100% back to normal after having my wisdom teeth removed and am allowed to exercise again I will be getting right back into weight training.

For a few tips visit the home page. Click here to view.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Wisdom Teeth Removal

So as anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows, I had to have my wisdom teeth taken out on Wednesday. I was told last April that I needed them out but I was a chicken and didn't do it using Uni as an excuse, but when I went to the dentist last week he said I had to get them out asap as my botttom left one was growing horizontally under the gum and was decaying (bleaugh) risking infection. All in all the experience wasn't bad atall, all of the hospital staff were really friendly. The worst part of it was that I wasn't allowed to eat after 7am or drink after 11am which left me extremely hungry and thirsty whilst waiting for my 15.30pm appointment!

I was asked loads of questions before hand, had my blood pressure and pulse taken, which was quite low at 54 (chuffed). After that I dressed myself in my trendy hospital gown and had to take all of my bracelets off :(

After about an hour I was taken to a room with a bed in it to be anesthetised, the nurse who took me round does my Body Combat classes! Small world! All the people in that room were really chatty and lovely while they put me under, the next thing I remember was being in another room with horrible tasting tampon type things in my mouth with one nurse saying my name to bring me round.

My parents were waiting for me back in the room where we started where I just had to lay down, drink water, and chill out, I had my blood pressure and pulse taken another few times, then I was presented with a Strawberry yoghurt and asked to go pee, then I was homeward bound!

I am now still resting, just lazing around reading my book, sleeping, occasionally eating, waiting for the attractive swelling to go down in my jaw and for the day I don't need to take these painkillers anymore as they make me very sleeeeeepy, I slept on and off yesterday untill four pm!

My parents have been looking after me very well, getting me things when I need them, my lovely boyfriend bought me flowers and soup and says he still loves me even though I look like a hamster (isn't he nice) and my sister bought me some Ben & Jerries! Yummy!

I would like to say a massive thankyou to everyone at Eastbourne DGH involved in my lil op for being so kind and comforting :)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Workout 2

So, you have seen my Workout one pushing programme, which you can view here, take a look at my workout two, pulling programme.

Warm Up: 1km Crosstrainer level 6 (x-training properly, not using the momentum of the machine)

Cardio: Rower 2000m original aim in 8 mins...not gonna happen! Now aiming for under 10 mins.

1. Assisted Chin ups  35kg 12 reps
    Pulley                    15kg 12 reps

Rower 500m

2. Bicep Curls            12.5kg barbell 12 reps
    Single arm rows     8kg dumbell 12 reps

Rower 500m

3. Power Clean          20kg Olympic Bar 8 reps

Friday, 21 January 2011

WaterWorks Certificate

Yesterday I received my WaterWorks Instructor Certificate :D 

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Running in the countryside

I went for a wonderful run this morning, once again around Friston and East Dean. Running through the countryside provides a much more varied terrain than running around Loughborough and down on the Seafront. It's great to find myself running up and down hills, dodging horse poop and jumping in and out of tracktor tracks, which are very deep! Here are a few photos I took on my phone dure in the run

When running through Friston it is pretty much inevitable that you will come across a twitten, I myself traveled through three today. I say travelled as I would be lieing if I said I ran through them and I most definitely would not advise running through this one!
It is steep and extremely slippery! I have slid down it a fair few times!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Workout 1

I am currently going to the gym 4 times a week (among other things; running, classes etc). I have two different programmes both which I carry out twice in the week. I'll run these programmes for four weeks before changing them up again. It has been quite a while since I have used a gym consistently, other than going through Body Pump chore in it, as I enjoy running and am a class freak not much of a gym bunny anymore, but I am getting back into it and am actually really enjoying it. I'm still on my Christmas holidays from Uni so I have the pleasure of using the latest LifeFitness gym equipment in the Eastbourne David Lloyd Club. 

Workout 1 is a 'pushing' programme where the resistance exercises focus on pushing. Workout 2 focuses on 'pulling'.

Workout 1. Pushing
Running Intervals
1 min walk 7.0
1 min Run 14.0   x3

1. Chest Press          12kg dumbells 12 reps
    Tricep Extension  12.5kg barbell 12 reps  x3

Running Intervals x3

2. Shoulder Press   15kg barbell 12 reps
    Side raises          3kg dumbells 12 reps   x3

Running Intervals x3

3. Cable wood chop    5kg bar attachment 12 reps
    Tricep Dips on box 10kg vipr on lap 12 reps      x3

4. Jack Knives                           exercise ball 10 reps
    Overhead and leg extension  6kg dumbell 10 reps
    Single arm plank                   hold 30 secs each side (helps with Body Pump 76)  x3

Friday, 14 January 2011

Nike Running Socks

Just incase I forget which foot is which!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Tuesday started bright and early(ish) teaching 9.30am Body Pump 76 followed by Body Combat 46, I then went home, consumed far to many biscuits (took me soooo long to get that spelling right, buiscuits, buscuits, biscits). I enjoyed these classes thoroughly and am proud to be keeping my squat weight up at 32.5kg, for anyone who hasn't taken part in a Body Pump class and is currently thinking, 'is that it?' then I invite you to please squat this weight at for 5mins and 12seconds at various tempos, whilst coaching technique, encouraging others, and singing along with Lady Gaga's 'telephone'. The lower back isn't loving it so much is it? The Combaters tried to have a quiet class but I was having absolutely none of it, of course. I'm still working on my LA Fitness lot who are quiet as mouses.

After the obscene amount of biscuits which I decided to chomp my way through to help out my family who may be trying to avoid the snacks in the new year (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!), I went out for a 40min run through Friston, Jevington, and East Dean. A run which was plagued by stitches, I blame the biscuits!

Later on in the day I took myself down to the gym to do my Workout I. Unfortunately I was short on time and wasn't in a very good frame of mind so I skipped on abs and the third lot of exercises. Naughty, I know. 

My day finished with teaching a 45minute Spin class at Fitness First, a great bunch who always work hard.

Bed Time.

Wednesday wasn't quite so intense I had a morning Conditioning class, and an evening Body Balance Class. Unfortunately I once again slightly messed up the Thai Chi track and managed to finish the hip opener track 8 counts early, nothing too drastic! I got really good feedback though which I was really pleased with as it was only the second time I have ever taught Balance.

Today the weather wasn't appealing enough to encourage me out of bed until 10.30 am so I had a relaxing lie in, the popped to the gym for Workout II, the ab workout I skipped on Tuesday and the leg workout I always do Thursdays, the day before no run day, however, I missed my run both today and yesterday so I will most certainly be out running tomorrow, whatever the weather! 

Monday, 10 January 2011

Caught The Lergie

It was inevitable, after prancing around mega chuffed that I haven't caught the lergie whilst everyone else in the country seems to have got it...I now have it. Brilliant. Luckily I haven't come down with it too bad (fingers crossed it stays that way) I have only got an irritating cough which sounds like the bark of a German Shepard. It was inevitable that I would get it really working with such a large amount of different people and also as my boyfriend came down with it pretty badly. If I don't get better within the next few days I will start taking my favourite cough medicine, Pholcodine Linctus from Boots, it tastes lovely!

However, in true Sophie Style, it hasn't stopped me from doing anything I had planned, I still taught Body Pump and Body Combat on Saturday morning followed by my gym workoutII, with my voice only failing slightly in the lunge track in Pump (good job it is a good song!) On Sunday I taught my new Spin class followed by Family Cycle and Body Combat, the latter being microphoneless. Fab. I took it easy today as I am really keen to shake this off so I took a 55 minute run through Hampden Park and Willingdon with Jason cycling by my side. As a reward I got grilled bacon, poached eggs toast and beans on my return from the run :) I love baked beans more than you could ever imagine!

Friday, 7 January 2011


I have been a busy bee this week, back into teaching on a regular time table and training alot! I taught my first Body Balance class ever on Wednesday! I was so excited, it went really well and I enjoyed it so much.  I messed up the choreography in the Thai Chi track a little bit, but I don't think anyone actually noticed. I really surprised myself teaching the relaxation and meditation section of the class as I really didn't think that I was going to be able to pull it off but I managed it, I surprised myself alot!

Other than teaching I have been doing lots of running, around Eastbourne and also on Wednesday I ran from Brighton Marina into Hove and back again. How I am going to be able to run this marathon I do not know, but if I cross the finish line I will be the happiest girl in the world!

I also have a new gym programme. Personal Trainer Jason Day and I put it together. I have two separate programmes for the upper-body and core, both including cardio. Workout One is a 'pushing' programme and Workout Two is a 'pulling' programme, with a separate programme for legs which I will do the day before my no run day. 

Happy training to everyone! 

Monday, 3 January 2011

Resting (Weds 29/12/10)

My legs were in absolute agony all yesterday evening and this morning, walking downstairs was not on my list of things to do, not more kettlebell lunges for me please! I decided to take it easy today, I did Body Balance first thing, followed by teaching WaterWorks, which actually isn't a physically easy thing to do, any other aqua instructor will understand. I then got myself in the pool for a swim, which was cut short at 300m when I saw a bloke blow his nose into his hand then wash it off in the pool, it made me feel physically sick. There should be a swimming pool etiquette sign up at the side of the pool which has to be read before using the pool. Today is the first time I have been swimming since I came back to Eastbourne for my Christmas holidays. It made me miss LA Fitness in Loughborough alot as if there are other people in the pool there when I am, they are only about 2 others maximum, I normally have the pool to myself! I need my own pool. End of.