Monday, 17 January 2011

Workout 1

I am currently going to the gym 4 times a week (among other things; running, classes etc). I have two different programmes both which I carry out twice in the week. I'll run these programmes for four weeks before changing them up again. It has been quite a while since I have used a gym consistently, other than going through Body Pump chore in it, as I enjoy running and am a class freak not much of a gym bunny anymore, but I am getting back into it and am actually really enjoying it. I'm still on my Christmas holidays from Uni so I have the pleasure of using the latest LifeFitness gym equipment in the Eastbourne David Lloyd Club. 

Workout 1 is a 'pushing' programme where the resistance exercises focus on pushing. Workout 2 focuses on 'pulling'.

Workout 1. Pushing
Running Intervals
1 min walk 7.0
1 min Run 14.0   x3

1. Chest Press          12kg dumbells 12 reps
    Tricep Extension  12.5kg barbell 12 reps  x3

Running Intervals x3

2. Shoulder Press   15kg barbell 12 reps
    Side raises          3kg dumbells 12 reps   x3

Running Intervals x3

3. Cable wood chop    5kg bar attachment 12 reps
    Tricep Dips on box 10kg vipr on lap 12 reps      x3

4. Jack Knives                           exercise ball 10 reps
    Overhead and leg extension  6kg dumbell 10 reps
    Single arm plank                   hold 30 secs each side (helps with Body Pump 76)  x3

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