Saturday, 29 January 2011

Wisdom Teeth Removal

So as anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows, I had to have my wisdom teeth taken out on Wednesday. I was told last April that I needed them out but I was a chicken and didn't do it using Uni as an excuse, but when I went to the dentist last week he said I had to get them out asap as my botttom left one was growing horizontally under the gum and was decaying (bleaugh) risking infection. All in all the experience wasn't bad atall, all of the hospital staff were really friendly. The worst part of it was that I wasn't allowed to eat after 7am or drink after 11am which left me extremely hungry and thirsty whilst waiting for my 15.30pm appointment!

I was asked loads of questions before hand, had my blood pressure and pulse taken, which was quite low at 54 (chuffed). After that I dressed myself in my trendy hospital gown and had to take all of my bracelets off :(

After about an hour I was taken to a room with a bed in it to be anesthetised, the nurse who took me round does my Body Combat classes! Small world! All the people in that room were really chatty and lovely while they put me under, the next thing I remember was being in another room with horrible tasting tampon type things in my mouth with one nurse saying my name to bring me round.

My parents were waiting for me back in the room where we started where I just had to lay down, drink water, and chill out, I had my blood pressure and pulse taken another few times, then I was presented with a Strawberry yoghurt and asked to go pee, then I was homeward bound!

I am now still resting, just lazing around reading my book, sleeping, occasionally eating, waiting for the attractive swelling to go down in my jaw and for the day I don't need to take these painkillers anymore as they make me very sleeeeeepy, I slept on and off yesterday untill four pm!

My parents have been looking after me very well, getting me things when I need them, my lovely boyfriend bought me flowers and soup and says he still loves me even though I look like a hamster (isn't he nice) and my sister bought me some Ben & Jerries! Yummy!

I would like to say a massive thankyou to everyone at Eastbourne DGH involved in my lil op for being so kind and comforting :)

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