Monday, 10 January 2011

Caught The Lergie

It was inevitable, after prancing around mega chuffed that I haven't caught the lergie whilst everyone else in the country seems to have got it...I now have it. Brilliant. Luckily I haven't come down with it too bad (fingers crossed it stays that way) I have only got an irritating cough which sounds like the bark of a German Shepard. It was inevitable that I would get it really working with such a large amount of different people and also as my boyfriend came down with it pretty badly. If I don't get better within the next few days I will start taking my favourite cough medicine, Pholcodine Linctus from Boots, it tastes lovely!

However, in true Sophie Style, it hasn't stopped me from doing anything I had planned, I still taught Body Pump and Body Combat on Saturday morning followed by my gym workoutII, with my voice only failing slightly in the lunge track in Pump (good job it is a good song!) On Sunday I taught my new Spin class followed by Family Cycle and Body Combat, the latter being microphoneless. Fab. I took it easy today as I am really keen to shake this off so I took a 55 minute run through Hampden Park and Willingdon with Jason cycling by my side. As a reward I got grilled bacon, poached eggs toast and beans on my return from the run :) I love baked beans more than you could ever imagine!

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