Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Tuesday started bright and early(ish) teaching 9.30am Body Pump 76 followed by Body Combat 46, I then went home, consumed far to many biscuits (took me soooo long to get that spelling right, buiscuits, buscuits, biscits). I enjoyed these classes thoroughly and am proud to be keeping my squat weight up at 32.5kg, for anyone who hasn't taken part in a Body Pump class and is currently thinking, 'is that it?' then I invite you to please squat this weight at for 5mins and 12seconds at various tempos, whilst coaching technique, encouraging others, and singing along with Lady Gaga's 'telephone'. The lower back isn't loving it so much is it? The Combaters tried to have a quiet class but I was having absolutely none of it, of course. I'm still working on my LA Fitness lot who are quiet as mouses.

After the obscene amount of biscuits which I decided to chomp my way through to help out my family who may be trying to avoid the snacks in the new year (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!), I went out for a 40min run through Friston, Jevington, and East Dean. A run which was plagued by stitches, I blame the biscuits!

Later on in the day I took myself down to the gym to do my Workout I. Unfortunately I was short on time and wasn't in a very good frame of mind so I skipped on abs and the third lot of exercises. Naughty, I know. 

My day finished with teaching a 45minute Spin class at Fitness First, a great bunch who always work hard.

Bed Time.

Wednesday wasn't quite so intense I had a morning Conditioning class, and an evening Body Balance Class. Unfortunately I once again slightly messed up the Thai Chi track and managed to finish the hip opener track 8 counts early, nothing too drastic! I got really good feedback though which I was really pleased with as it was only the second time I have ever taught Balance.

Today the weather wasn't appealing enough to encourage me out of bed until 10.30 am so I had a relaxing lie in, the popped to the gym for Workout II, the ab workout I skipped on Tuesday and the leg workout I always do Thursdays, the day before no run day, however, I missed my run both today and yesterday so I will most certainly be out running tomorrow, whatever the weather! 

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