WaterWorks Fitness

For all of you aqua enthusiasts out there WaterWorks is a programme you must try. It is a new 45 minute pre-choreographed aqua programme designed to suit everyone! The programme is tailor-made to cater for all allowing you to choose your own intensity to work at. I have recently qualified as a WaterWorks Instructor and have been teaching the programme since June 2010 having trained on the first release of WaterWorks I am excited to have the pleasure of watching the programme grow from the beginning. Teaching WaterWorks has introduced new challenges for me and opened my mind to different teaching techniques and the needs of the extremely wide range of participants who attend each of my classes.

Programme Directors Damon Phipps-Newman and Jenny Jolliffe work extremely hard to ensure the magic they create is not only an effective workout, but also a fun and enjoyable experience.

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Diary of a WaterWorks Instructor 

Today WaterWorks was hot hot hot!! I would love to have just a little air conditioning unit above my head whilst teaching on poolside.
I’m very excited to be receiving WaterWorks2 soon as I think it will be fab, I’m very happy that my participants have stuck with it for so long on the same release! Very impressed. One of the reasons being; they can move to the music and can really feel their bodies being worked. A lot of new splashers came in this week to try it out and all booked in after for next week! I like the social aspect of group exercise, after a Body Jam class everyone goes for a coffee together, after WaterWorks, they all go to the sauna for a chat. We need a bigger sauna!

Diary of a WaterWorks Instructor

I find my participants increasingly more amusing every week. This week we had a new sound system in place, which has to be turned on at Reception, which was fine but what I was unaware of was that I had to go into a cupboard on poolside to adjust the volume. 
It was a veeeery quiet start to the class! So in order to keep us with the music my splashers took it upon themselves to sing...there was a lovely duet in track two from the fellas who decided to take male vocal lead. Eventually after ten minutes of trying to get the receptionists attention to turn the music up whilst keeping the class going, we made it to track three and couldn't hear the music atall over the splashing, and newly introduced 'whooping' as we jump. 
Youngsters are often perceived as yobs, the youngest in the class was around 19, the oldest maybe late 50's early 60's. Guess who threw the (foam) dum bell at the window to get the attention of the receptionist... no, not the 19 year old yob... it was the older 50/60ish yob! Possibly one of the funniest things to happen in one of my classes, but do you know what, it worked! In jogs the receptionist into the mystery cupboard and pumps up the volume! 
Class saved.