Powerade Zero

This week I tried Powerade Zero. I have never used Powerade before but have seen the inspirational video featuring Jessica Ennis. 
 It seems to be marketed as the same type of product as Lucozade light, which is marketed as 'only 50 calories' with Powerade Zero marketing as 'the zero calorie sports drink'
'Powerade is the isotonic drink created by sports people for sports people. Kit for your insides, the specially designed formula helps you stay at the top of your game before, during and after you exercise.
The latest addition to the range is Powerade Zero for calorie free fitness hydration. Designed by sports scientists for sessions lasting less than 60 minutes, its advanced mineral system includes sodium to help to restore your fluid balance and prevent dehydration, resulting in optimum hydration.
Powerade Zero helps your body absorb and retain fluid, delivering a more complete rehydration solution, without adding back the calories.' (

It comes in five flavours, Grape, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Lime, and Orange.
I tried the mixed berry flavour, its really yummy, I was shocked by the taste, it tastes like a blue ice pop, very yummy! I would definitely recommend it! In my opinion it actually tastes nicer than the Summer Berries Lucozade Lite! (My previous favourite sports drink

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Power Balance®,

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The guys at Power Balance®, have sent me a Power Balance band to review.

"Power Balance® is a performance technology that uses holograms embedded with frequencies that react positively with your body's natural energy field."

The Power Balance® website has loads of testimonials on how Power Balance worked for those people, improving their strength, flexibility and balance. The hologram doesn't need to be touching your body to work, its just has to be within a few inches of your body. They are long lasting, said to last 'indefinitly'. I have never worn or used a product before that I have been asked so many questions about! Everyone seems interested in wether or not it is a fad or does it really work? 

I genuinely do feel different whilst wearing my Power Balance® band and if it did turn out to be a placebo...its is working well as one. Unrelated to strength, power and flexibility, I first wore the band when I was experiencing terrible period pains, within ten minutes of putting the band more period pains! I would pay a large amount of money for that!

The Power Balance band is my new favourite accessory that I will not leave the house without!

The bands retail at £29.99 you can purchase one by clicking HERE

Please note, the website is a counterfeit site selling products that do not work, please do not visit this site!

Maxitone Sculptress bars

I have recently recieved some Maxitone Sculptress Bars,
"These high protein bars will take hold of your appetite, providing a tasty snack that will not only fill you up and reduce cravings but support your metabolism too. With good fat CLA, green tea and guarana to increase fat loss these bars are in a super convenient format to keep you on track towards your goals."

I was really excited to get them and try them as I think they would really benefit me, especially as they are chocolate flavoured and i LOVE chocolate. Unfortunately, I don't like all chocolate, these ones are dark chocolate flavoured. I must say, these are the first Maxitone product that I actually don't like! I can eat them, but ut has to be in stages. Peoples tastes vary so don't be afraid to try them out, there is currently an offer on them on the Maxitone website. Check it out HERE. They are also available in chocolate orange flavour, which I will try next!

K-Swiss Tubes

So as I said in the previous post, at Colossus I got my hands on a few freebies. And not just a few bits of lucozade bars here and there. I got a pair of trainers!!! With two sweatbands. I have never had a pair of K-Swiss shoes before, their not really a make that I would think "I need some new trainers, oh I think I'll get some K-Swiss'", I have now changed my mind. The trainers both look and feel great!
To get your hands on some click HERE. There are many different colours that you can get. Also with every purchase you get a free K-Swiss gym bag, water bottle and towel...I want them too! Am I being greedy? After all they did give me free trainers! haha

These bad boys are seriously worth a try, they feel like your walking on bouncy marshmallows!  They have enough what I can only describe as 'squish' in them to absorb any impact headed towards your knees and shins. I've been teaching classes in them ever since I got them and haven't had a single twinge in my knees! These trainers really are great!

Check out their facebook page...'like' it, and then 'like' my wall post please :) Click here to do so, and then scroll down to my comment, (Sophie Barrett), and get 'liking'!!

Flavia Cacase Starter Kit

I have just ordered my Flavia Cacase starter kit :D

I can't wait to start the Definity Shake and try out the Definity Bars, and of course, show off my new bag in the gym!. As with the Sculptress trial I will record my progress and show you guys my results!
Visit to get your own

Less than a month left of my first year at uni now!!

Sculptress Trial

I have recently completed a trial I did of Maxitone Sculptress shake and capsules. I have monitored my progress after using the shakes and capsules for one week.

I got the Sculptress bundle of One tub of Sculptress Shake, one pack of Sculptress Capsules and one Maxitone Shaker. all for just £29.99. (Image and logo from

Maxitone recommend that you take the shake twice a day and take the capsules three times a day, on an empty stomach. If you are going to begin taking Sculptress as Maxitone suggest then I would recommend getting two different flavours of shakes. I had Strawberry and after taking two shakes a day, I am now unfortunately sick of it! However, I did feel the benefits of taking the Shakes, I had more energy (probably due to the caffeine in them) and feel they aided me in recovery. The Capsules were easy to take and easy to carry around.

There were a few challenges I faced. This was meant to be a 7 day trial running from Monday -Sunday, unfortunately I was struck down with a cold on the Friday and Saturday and so I did not take the shakes that or capsules on either day! I then had to extend the trial to the Tuesday. Easter Sunday also fell dure in my trial, a day which I completely over indulged in chocolate (I am eating a cream egg as we speak)

These are my before and after photos. Bearing in mind these were only taken a week and two days apart. I would definitely recomend Sculptress.


My next maxitone mission is going to be their Definity range.

Definity is Maxitones toning range where the Shake is £18.99 and the CLA tablets are £9.99.

Instead of getting the Shakes and Capsules, I think i will go for the Flavia Starter Kit instead  Included is the Shakes, Definity crisp bars, Maxitone gym bag and Maxitone shaker. all for £49.00 saving you £16.96!
Definitly going to go for banana flavour this time!

If you have ever tried any of the Maxitone range let me know how you found it!
If you want to order Sculptress now click here

cho-yung weight loss tea

I stumbled across this weight loss diet, after reading a great review about it, I became curious to see if it actually worked. According to Cho Yung Tea, you should take just two cups a day and you will drop ALOT of weight, their are many convincing success stories on the website along with information about the tea and its benefits:
'-Green tea may increase energy expenditure, and positive effects on weight management have been seen using green tea.
-Green tea is drunk widely across Asia, where the rates of many cancers are much lower in Asia than other parts of the world.
-Cho-Yung Tea is a safe and natural way to improve health and lifestyle. It is NOT a medicinal drug. Many people feel that natural products are safer for their digestive systems and overall, long-term health.
-Cho-Yung Tea oxidises fat, rather than blocking its absorption.' Taken directly from the website.

I visited the website where it has a lady talking you through the benefits of Cho Yung tea. There is a box in which you fill in your details: current weight, goal weight, height, gender, and age.

I entered my details to see if I was eligible for the 14 day free trial...the next page then told me my BMI was too low and that they wouldn't recommend me starting a weight loss programme. I thought this was great! If all diet and weight loss websites did this I think it would hinder many people with eating disorders, getting fuel for weight loss. However, I could have just lied about my weight.
If anyone has tried these products please let me know as I am very intrigued!
If you want to try them please be careful. It is a very attractive offer, but READ THE SMALL PRINT! The website asks for your card detail to pay for the tiny amount of postage and packaging for your 14 day trial. After this 14 day trial you are going to be charged £56,50 every 30 days for another months supply until you email them asking them to stop sending their products to you. So if you just want to do the 14 day free trial please ensure that they are aware of this!

For more information visit

If anyone has tried the Cho Yung Tea weight loss tea please let me know how it worked for you!

Maxitone is the most recent range created by Maximuscle. The range is made especially for women, with a website offering not only products, but also nutritional help, exercise advice and success stories there is nowhere better to go!

You shop by your goal, wether it is for weight loss, toning, or for your well-being, Maxitone has something for you! There are also great offers such as Buy Sculptress get Sculptress capsules and shaker free! All this for £29.99 saving you £14.67! I will definitely be trying out that bundle! I will do a post when I have of before and after I have done the trial.

Visit to check out their full range and to read the motivating success stories.

Have you tried using supplements to help you loose weight?
Along with a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise supplements can work wonders.
Calorie controlled. Sounds bad, but it isn't, all you need to be doing is burning off more calories in a day than your consuming.

The Supplement I currently use is Maximuscle Promax Diet. You can take it to replace a meal, but I take it after a workout. It comes in three flavours; Chocolate, Strawberry and banana. A 1.2kg tum of Promax diet is £43.99 on

Alternatively you could take Thermobol tablets, also from maximuscle. £35.99 for a tub of 90 capsules (3 caps a day) from the Maximuscle website.

I personally wouldn't take capsule due to personal opinion, but many people have had success with them.

Maximuscle often do offers such as buy 3 get 1 free, with free delivery and a free maximuscle shaker for the shakes. Normally £4.99

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