Saturday, 22 January 2011

Workout 2

So, you have seen my Workout one pushing programme, which you can view here, take a look at my workout two, pulling programme.

Warm Up: 1km Crosstrainer level 6 (x-training properly, not using the momentum of the machine)

Cardio: Rower 2000m original aim in 8 mins...not gonna happen! Now aiming for under 10 mins.

1. Assisted Chin ups  35kg 12 reps
    Pulley                    15kg 12 reps

Rower 500m

2. Bicep Curls            12.5kg barbell 12 reps
    Single arm rows     8kg dumbell 12 reps

Rower 500m

3. Power Clean          20kg Olympic Bar 8 reps

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