Monday, 3 January 2011

Resting (Weds 29/12/10)

My legs were in absolute agony all yesterday evening and this morning, walking downstairs was not on my list of things to do, not more kettlebell lunges for me please! I decided to take it easy today, I did Body Balance first thing, followed by teaching WaterWorks, which actually isn't a physically easy thing to do, any other aqua instructor will understand. I then got myself in the pool for a swim, which was cut short at 300m when I saw a bloke blow his nose into his hand then wash it off in the pool, it made me feel physically sick. There should be a swimming pool etiquette sign up at the side of the pool which has to be read before using the pool. Today is the first time I have been swimming since I came back to Eastbourne for my Christmas holidays. It made me miss LA Fitness in Loughborough alot as if there are other people in the pool there when I am, they are only about 2 others maximum, I normally have the pool to myself! I need my own pool. End of.

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kirstyb said...

uh your advertising clogs now ha ha - and that swimming pool comment made me feel sick too! why oh why would someone do that