Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Want to Start Running?

Always seek medical advise before beginning an exercise programme.
Running is cheap, requires no special skills, equipment, or organisation with team mates. An efficient way to increase fitness.
Health is the ability to live from illness and injury, enabling a person to live normal and in comfort.
Fitness is the freedom to expend alot of energy efficiently.

Once you have done an exercise your body recovers and adapts to make it easier to do this in future. Contrary to popular beliefe adaptation occurs when our are recovering not when you are undertaking the exercise.
Listed are just a few benefits of running
-Improves your health.
-lowers levels of body fat and obesity
-lower risk of heart disease and stroke
-stonger bones, reduced risk of osteoperosis, and osteoarthiritis
-reduced risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes
-improved immune system
-stronger muscles, less risk of degeneration of joints
-reduced risk of back pain
-increased mobility.

Some say that runners are at risk of joint damage. Runners are infact more likely to put stress on joints potentially causing damage, but are less likely to suffer arthiritis in the knees than a couch potato.

When running you should be wearing suitable kit. Avoid cotton> I bought some new kit yesterday as its beginning to get warmer This are my new Karrimor gear. I got them on sale in Giles Sport loughborough on sale. The bottems were reduced from £29.99 to £9.99 and the top from £14.99 to £4.99!! I've never had this make before, My normal running gear is Nike full length running tights and a Berghaus jacket. Karrimor has been designed to 'be durable and protect from the elements whatever the climate.' Sounds good to me!

If possible buy your running shoes from a specialist running shop where they can do quick and easy tests checking for over pronation or supination, and foot strike. I boughts my Asics trainers fro Kings Road Sport Centre (K.R.S.C) £115. They are worth every penny. I discovered there after undergoing these short tests that I have a weak right ankle which was the cause for my knee pain, which when wearing these trainers I don't feel. I bought them mainly for studio use rather than running as I love running in my Nike Shox, featured in the previous Nike Run post.

It is important for women to wear sports bras when running or undergoing exercise, to prevent ligament damage and for comfr0t. Again avoid cotton, and go for either Nike dri fit, or Adidas Climalite. You can also purchase socks specifically designed for running.
In the cold weather try and wear light layers, synthetic base layer, water resistant top layer, optional thermal layer inbetween.
And in the hot weather do not strip down, you need to protect your skin from the sun. Try Adidas Clima Cool gear.

As always...if you have any questions just leave a comment ! Happy Running!


kirstyb said...

very good post my lovely and dont you look gorge! i still want that pink top xoxoxo

deandean said...

I'm 56 yrs old. is running good for me? i'm lucky though that don't have high blood pressure and not obese but my tummy is getting big due to sitting all day at the office. i play table tennis at least 30 minutes everyday but needs to do other forms of exercise to make my abs flat like i used to have when i was a gardener.

by the way, thanks for visiting my blog.