Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Week in Exercise

I had a relatively chilled out week in exercise this week, I had a deadline for a uni assignment on Friday so naturally had to spend alot of time on it this week therefore allowing my training to suffer.
Note to self; 'must stop leaving work untill the last minute!'

Run 50 mins
Body Pump 69
Workout 2
Body Attack 71
Body Balance 51
So Monday went well, quite busy. I'm a bit backwards in that I love Mondays. I however HATE getting multiple stitches in Body Attack, 2 weeks in a row that the stitches have tried to kill me!

Run 46mins, same route as Monday, knocked 4 mins off the time.
Workout one
Body Balance 51

Body Balance 51
Workout 2
Did uni work aaaaall day after that, then got distracted by my flat mates doing drinking games in the kitchen involving an assault course, I had to join in...minus the drinking.

A whole day spent on Uni work, took a short break to teach WaterWorks, which was ever so very hot, see WaterWorks Page for a brief summary. I was then up untill 2am, subitted my work at 1.30 am 14.5 hours early, yesssssss.

Quite a quiet day, I travel home on Fridays so have the pleasure of spending 3 and a half hours on a train before teaching Body Combat, I taught a random mix today.
Track 1: 43
Track 2: 36
Track 3: 35
Track 4: 35
Track 5: 35
Track 6: 35
Track 7: 44
Track 8: 44
Track 9: 44
Track 10: 44

Body Pump 74
Body Combat Mix
Body Balance 51

Body Balance 51
Family Cycle
Body Pump 74
Body Combat Mix

Reading back over this post I see that maybe it wasn't as chilled out week as I originally thought. I must fit a rest day in.

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