Monday, 22 November 2010

My week in running...ahem, exercise?

I missed my Monday run this week as I had my sister visiting and didn't want to leave her on her own! She left in the afternoon, and in the evening I did Body Pump express, Body Attack, Body Balance (47, ouch hip flexors!) got settled to teach spin and 5 mins in there was a power cut!

I'm easing myself back into running now, I was aiming to do a 30minute run, got ever so slightly lost :s so it ended up 38 mins, so not too much difference! I ran 3.79 miles (6.09km) not too bad for just getting started! I also taught a spin class followed by WaterWorks and Body Balance.

Working at 7am really takes it out of me, but after work today I was really up for a run, unfortunately I had to go and view houses for 3 hours so no run for me! This evening I did Alesha's Dance Fusion and taught WaterWorks.

Today consisted of uni, Body Balance, Body Pump and WaterWorks. Lovely Jubbly!

Back home to lovely Eastbourne today, not too much going on for me in the world of exercise, just Body Combat.

Body Pump and Body Combat followed by my first taste of Vipr! It was awesome! Vipr Instructor Jason Day gave me a hardcore Vipr circuit and boooy did he work me hard! Check back soon for a post dedicated to Vipr.

After eating my body weight in food yesterday I had to face the four hour train journey back to Loughborough, but not before teaching the quietest Body Combat class of my life!

So to sum it all up, one run doesn't constitute a post named 'my week in running'. Better luck next week!

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