Thursday, 21 July 2011

Party Tips

New Years Eve is nearly upon us. The night out to end a year of nights out, the last of the Gregorian year, the night where many seem to drink themselves into oblivion. I'm sure most of you will be attending some form of party, no matter if it is a dinner party or a rave there is bound to be fireworks, party food and copious amounts of alcohol on the go. 

I myself am planning a quiet New Years Eve which doesn't involve any of the above as I need to focus on my training, I can't handle a hangover, and I am teaching my crazy Body Pump and Combat bunch on New Years Day at 9.30 am! So getting in the state I was in on Last New Years day morning is not an option! To help you through this party period I have compiled 6 top tips for you

1. Dance the night away! What better way to burn of those drinking calories that with a good old boogie! Not forgetting that on New Years eve you are all the best dancer in the room! An hour of hitting the dance floor could burn up to 350 calories!

2. Do not arrive hungry! Make sure you eat some dinner before you go (unless its a dinner party) so you won't be tempted to gorge on the party food, also we all know that drinking on an empty stomach is NOT a good idea!

3. Go easy on the alcohol (chuckling to myself as I write this one, as if thats going to happen) But seriously, too much alcohol can harm your fitness, have some water after every alcoholic beverage. 
Remember: beverage+water=good night beverage+beverage+beverage=terrible hangover and no recollection of the night before.

4. If your at a dinner party, you do not need to finish whats on your plate. If your full then stop eating. I struggle with this one, I like to eat until the plate is empty. I read this saying on another site a while ago, I forget which one; 
'would you rather the extra food go to waste or go on your waist?'

5. At the party food table go for the salsa dips rather than the creamy ones. The creamy ones tend to carry more fat, so save a few calories with salsa.

6. Have a fantastic night! See in the new year in style!

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