Thursday, 21 July 2011

New release launch

A few weeks ago we launched the new releases of the Les Mills Programmes at the David Lloyd Club in Eastbourne. The launch lasted for three hours, and was an army themed event, we taught half an hour of each new release and as the weather was so nice we got to do it outside!
The day went like this
9am Body Attack with Kayleigh
9.30am Body Jam with Julie
10am Body Pump with me, Annalee, Kayleigh and Hannah
We ran out of weights so I had to share mine, ran out of steps so I gave mine away, and we ran out of mats too!
My knees after doing tricep kickbacks...ouchies!

10.30am Body Step with me and Annalee
11am Body Combat with me, Emma, Hannah and Kayleigh
11.30am Body Balance with me, Annalee and Kayleigh

We all had such a great day and got some pretty strange tanlines, I can't wait for the next one although it will not be outside...Eastbourne is September doesn't get particularly great weather if I'm honest.

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