Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Zumba Teaching Experience

I have been teaching Zumba since April now and absolutely love it! Its so much fun to teach, admittedly I don't find it hugely enjoyable to participate in, but hey that's why I teach it I guess!

I actually feel like I get a really good workout from it, and yes my waistline is benefitting from it! My ladies all have their own individual dancing styles and come along to have a great time, their such a beautiful bunch. As neither of my classes are held at peak times there is always plenty of room for you to shake and shimmey your way to fitness, and I have the opportunity to connect with everyone on a personal level. Although we were told not to, I do break down some of the trickier moves as there is nothing more irritating than being unable to follow a move, sometimes the visual cues we are encouraged to use just aren't enough to enable everyone to know what they are doing. I have so much fun with my Zumba Queens, I really hope this isn't just a fad and that it does hang around for a while longer! Not only is Zumba a great workout but it builds peoples confidence up to eventually attend a class at a gym, it has also reawakened fitness in the community which particularly where I am from has been practically non-existant!


kirstyb said...

i love zumba and your a fab teacher x

Lottie said...

i love love love zumba!!
I'd really love to teach it.. how did you get into it?!
Lottie xx

Fitness freak said...

Hi Lottie!

I am already a group exercise instructor so it was just a matter of me going on a course to become licenced to teach it. You don't need any prior qualifications to go on the course, however you may find that you need them to get insured to teach. Check out the Zumba website for up coming courses!