Thursday, 21 July 2011

Healthy Shopping Tips

Many people say that they would find it easier to eat healthily if there was less unhealthy food around in the house, so why do they buy this unhealthy food and put in the house in the first place? The most common reason I hear; 'I was just too tempted when I saw it in the supermarket'.

Two simple tips as to avoid this is to firstly 

- Eat before you go shopping so you don't get tempted
- Write a list of what your going to buy before you go

Further tips for healthy shopping are;

Aim to have at least half of your shopping to be fresh produce, T

he fresher the food the more nutritious.

-You may find that there is are more options early morning or late evening, I find in the middle of the day that I can’t always get Pink lady apples, which I love, no other apple will ever compare!

- Go wholegrain! Purchase wholegrain products such as bread, pasta, rice, pitta bread and rolls as a healthier option.

Why not try porridge instead of cereal, it will make you full up for longer. To add a bit more flavour to my morning bowl of porridge I add a teaspoon of honey and a chopped banana. (I also use soya milk).

- Choose w
hite skinless meat rather than red meat. I don’t actually like meat as I don’t enjoy the texture but I do eat chicken, I often find chicken breast hard to swallow so I get chicken breast steaks as their thinner, which I can randomly only find in Sainsbury's.

Fish is great for essential oils such as omega 3, but avoid fish with high mercury content. If like me you don't like fish either, you can take omega 3 supplements available from most pharmacy's.

Go for a low-fat salad dressing, you know when you go out for dinner and someone says ‘oh I’ll have a chicken ceasar as I’m cutting out fat’ uuuum you may aswell have a pizza! In other words, salad=good ceasar dressing=bad!

Choose a salsa dip rather than a creamy one, as seen in 'Party Tips below'.


Save the planet, take your own bags :)

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