Monday, 24 May 2010

Witness the Fitness

Witness The Fitness is a brand new feature to Barrett's Fitness, for you to learn, and be able to actually see how to perform new exercises to ensure you stay on track to reach your goals and gain untimate fitness!

This week you get to witness the squat.

For beginners, cross your hands over your chest

For intermediate level, hold dum bells at your sides for a bit of extra weight

For advanced use either a barbell or an Olympic bar for more weight, placing it on to the meaty part of your back, avoiding the bone and neck.

Set position:
Feet slightly wider than hip width apart
Toes slightly turned out
Engage your core
Lift your chest
Shoulders down away from your ears
Chin tucked in

Push your bum back
Bend from your knees
Tip from your hips
Sink down untill you have a 90 degree angel in your knees (thighs parallel to the floor)
Push up through your heels
Squeeze your glutes

Ensure that you:
Do not allow knees to drift forward past your toes
Do not curve your spine
Do not hyper-extend the knees or tilt your pelvis at the top (end) of the squat
Do learn to love the squat!


kirstyb said...

ha ha Jasons face is on your well done x

Fitness freak said...

There was a video too...but i can't upload it :(

jasonday_8 said...

who is this guy?? he is well sexy :) xxxxx

fitness freak said...

haha, correct.