Thursday, 27 May 2010

Olympic mascots 2012

I've been hearing a lot about these Olympic mascots recently, nobody seems to like them!
Personally, I don't see whats wrong with them? I wonder if everyone is moaning about them, just for something to moan about, or if the mascots genuinely insult them that much!
(Wenlock left, Mandeville right)
The mascots symbolise so much, the image is labeled and below is an explanation of each one.
1- Represents the three levels of the Olympic Podium
2- Features the three Paralympic colours – red, blue and green
3- A light inspired by the signs on top of London taxis.
4- The mascots have just one eye each. They are intended to represent focus, and also resemble the cameras through which the public will view and record the tournament
5- Wenlock wears five friendship bracelets, in the colours of the Olympic rings.
6- Mandeville wears a personal best timer to keep track of his performance.
7- Both mascots are emblazoned with the London 2012 logo, which was launched to a mixed response in 2007.
8- The mascots owe their curved, metallic forms to their industrial origins. According to a background story written by the children's author Michael Morpurgo, they were crafted by a character called Grandpa George from the last drops of steel used to build the Olympic Stadium.
9- While predominantly silver, Wenlock is painted with flashes of gold and bronze, to represent all of the Olympic medals.
10-  The mascots both appear in athletic poses. In merchandise to go on sale in advance of the Games they will be shown competing in various Olympic events.

What do you feel about the mascots? Is there something wrong with them? Do you have a better idea for how they should look? 
Let me know, I would love to know everyones opinions.

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