Monday, 10 May 2010

Seriously lacking exercise!

So the revision week has set in.

I managed to get in some classes this morning, but apart from that I have been cooped up in my room reading up on Anatomy for my exam on the 17th. I have a busy week this week and just do not have enough hours in the day to keep up with my regular training. I will try to get in a few hours every morning until I go home for the Summer on May 20th!! I am very excited to go home for many reasons;
-to get back to training in a decent sized gym
-to be able to run along the beach and not a dual carriage way
-to not have to go to lectures anymore
-to get back into teaching looooads of classes everyday
-to be within 300 miles of my lovely boyfriend, sister, parents and friends
-to be able to eat mummies dinner and not my rubbish attempt at cooking
-to have a car and not a rusty bike
-and to not be woken up every night by the idiots who live above me who are so unlightfooted it is actually ridiculous, who feel the need to shout rather than talk, who have to have showers at 2.30 am, who have to slam doors and drawers rather than shut them.

So to cut a long story short...I miss home and I miss my gym!

When I get my training back in order I am going to take a Sculptress shake in the morning, and a Definity shake in the afternoon. I will also restart doing 3 Powerplate workouts a week which I haven't been able to do since I came to Loughborough.
 I will also have a more organised blog with new features and giveaways, so watch this space....


kirstyb said...

so do u only have one friend! ha ha! i had a great work out yesterday xxxxxxx

Fitness freak said...

oopsie typo!!

sorted, thanx :)

Kayleigh Ann said...

argh looks a bit scary... i really want to get fit this summer though, so maybe i should try it.

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Kayleigh Ann xoxo

kirstyb said...

i did have fun my lovely! i drank far too much though and was late home so no birthday cake for me boo hoo! i felt so bad! xoxoxoxo