Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank holiday monday

It's bank holiday monday, the sun is in the sky (every now and then) and what have I done so far?

1. Had a lie in
2. Bacon sarnie for breakfast
3. Proof read Jason's dissertation
4. Had a nap
5. Had a cream egg and an Easter egg...oh dear. On the plus side, it is the last egg I had left!!
Think I had better get off to the gym! I'm taking this week off running and will start back fresh on Friday. I am dedicating this week to classes classes and more classes...and chocolate apparently! 
On Saturday I started taking my new protein shakes. Maxitone's Definity shakes in banana flavour, they taste AMAZING! The best I have tasted yet! I am definitely going to get some more.

1 comment:

kirstyb said...

ugh u never share creme eggs with me i think i hate u! boo x