Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Chill out day

Today is my last day back in Eastbourne before I return to Loughborough to finish my first year of uni and put an end to me eating pringles for lunch, with oreos to follow.

So, I treated myself to my longest lie in this year, and breakfast in bed with freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice from Motherbear :)

I'm going to pop to the gym for some Body Step and Body Pump action and leave it at that for today. I've also got a date with the boyfriend some revision! yay!

My mission for next week is to perform tripod pushups (with correct technique) on my toes! Found in Body Combat 43


kirstyb said...

interesting! i was offered juice but i said nope! ha ha! cannot wait to see iron man 2 tonight woopie xxxxxxx

knk said...

oh hi tats great you are great hard worker
are you going to Olympics why are doing exercise
just normal question

PenPot said...

I've started doing doing the Les Mills stuff past few months! I love it! Changing my body so quick. My gym only offers combat, attack and pump. I got attack and combat. =) Love them!
Have fun at the gym!