Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Progress Post

My exercise regime has been all over the place this past week. I had my last exam Tuesday, spent the day packing to leave Loughborough on Wednesday and spent Thursday travelling back to Eastbourne.

Friday: I taught Body Combat, my first class in a few weeks due to revision
Saturday: Pump, Step and Balance
Sunday: Pump and Combat
Monday: Step, abs, Jason taught me how to do an Olympic lift, the power clean, then I taught Pump
Tuesday: RPM, Step, Pump abs, practices Combat in my garden (hello sunburn!), Swam 30 lengths and went into the steam room after every 10. My shoulder is stiff again so that really helped. I haven't been in a pool since I went to Egypt last September, but the weather this week has made me want to do nothing but get in a pool!

I started back on Sculptress shakes and caplets yesterday, I may cut down on the caplets as I still struggle to handle the caffeine!

So far today I have done Step, Pump, Spin and some abs. Later on I will do Combat and maybe go for a run if I have enough energy left! 

                                      What has your week in exercise been like?                                              


Fashions Not A Luxury said...

:) wish i was kinda of a Fitness Freak..really nice! and Good! i do pilates work out i bought a pilates gym, should use it MORE often, jump rope, run. Have to stick a routine :)

PenPot said...

I usually do Attack and Combat today but I had to work and missed them both.
So sad =(

Lindsay said...

That is an awesome week!!!