Wednesday, 1 December 2010

WaterWorks Diary of an Instructor

My mixed gender WaterWorks class is still going strong, with the numbers continually growing! Only had one space left today! I'm really happy to be teaching this group, I get on great with them, their always smiling, always engaging with myself and one another, and always coming back for more! They really like knowing the routines, (and trying to pre-cue me, which seems to be an ongoing joke with them now, really need to launch WaterWorks2!) I'm just waiting to get the funds so that I can get the annual membership for WaterWorks in order to get the new release. 

The WaterWorks community is definitely growing and is now growing from a 'wave of change' to a tidal wave!

1 comment:

kirstyb said...

oooh i cant wait to go to one of your classes! xxx