Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Running again

Went for a belated run down on Eastbourne seafront yesterday morning, my first fun in a few weeks so I wasn't expecting much from it, but I really need to get training for this marathon or I have absolutely no chance of crossing the finish line alive! 5.36 miles (8.62km) in 1hour 2 min not good! Better luck next time!

The afternoon brought me a personal training session with Jason Day, running intervals on the treadmill, followed straight away by 20 reps of 25kg deadlifts, dynamic lunges across the gym (its a big gym) with an 8 kg kettlebell in each hand, phoar they were deadly! Back on the treadmill for more intervals, followed by vipr curl and presses for one minute, straight into tricep dips with vipr bar on my lap for one minute, followed by pushups. Back to the treadmill one last time, where I had to cut the session short as I forgot some books that I had to give to someone by 4! oops! After all of this I had a practice of Body Balance and a stretch afterwards then called it a night.

My flexibility is already improving, when I went on the balance course I could only sit in straddle with my hands on the floor, now...I can get my elbows on the floor in front!!
Soon this will be me :)

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kirstyb said...

ha ha yes iv always wanted to drink my morning coffee in that way x