Monday, 6 December 2010

My snow affected week in Exercise

Spin, abs, Swim 500m
Spin 1 hour, spin 1/2 hour

No run due to a ridiculous amount of snow! Taught Dancercise

On my way to work this morning I slipped and fell on the ice, in doing so I hurt my ankle, no exercise for me today :(

Still got a sore ankle, yet another training free day

I was unable to make it back to Eastbourne to teach my classes this weekend so I had to stay in Loughborough. I did Body Combat in the evening

Body Pump, Body Attack, Swim 520m, Body Balance

Body Combat

This week was in my eyes, a rubbish week in exercise!

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kirstyb said...

thanks sophie b - yes i wore that to bed but only because their soft and fluffy! miss your face - snow has also kept me from going to the gym! boooo! x