Monday, 25 October 2010

WaterWorks-Diary of an Instructor

It looks like I didn't have to take too much time out of teaching WaterWorks due to the move...I'm now back in the game! Yay!
Todays class was to a completely new bunch of aqua ladies, and yes, wait for it...gents too! Ok, gent, singular, but still thats a first for me!
It was nice having a fresh start and teaching to people who don't know me or WaterWorks. I knew something was going right when I looked around and the pool was full of smiles....when I looked to the swimming lane of the pool there were actually three men copying me also, Im telling my self that this was because they were so desperate to join in and not because they were taking the mick!

So, what did they like about the class? 
-The choreography! One lady told me at the end that it was nice to so an aqua class with no knee repeaters, glad I could be of service!
-A slightly different response to the music than what I have had previously to quote one of the ladies 'I hate that Justin Timberlake', but at least it wasn't a negative response.
-The final bit of feedback was that they :) I think I shocked them into liking me due to being completely over-enthusiastic! Such lovely comments for the participants who laughed at my completely unfunny jokes the whole way through!

A quick bit about my growth as a WaterWorks instructor: 
Having watched my assessment video back I realised I had ALOT to work on, I've been practising the chore in front of the mirror and think it has really paid off, I felt that I performed all my moves with much more control and strength as opposed to how I performed in my video, I also worked on talking less and using more useful cues which actually made teaching a bit easier as teaching on poolside is infact very physically challenging. I know there is still room for improvement and I look forward to continue improving and 'Riding the wave of change!'

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