Saturday, 16 October 2010

Fitness Fiesta!

I have just come back from an absolutely wicked weekend at Fitness Fiesta in Camber Sands. Fitness Fanatics and fitness novices alike flocked to Pontins at Camber Sands for a weekend of blood, sweat and tears (minus the blood.) We stayed in the most basic of basic rooms, think bunk beds, no shower head, pre paid electricity which just switches off when you run out, furniture that MUST be from the 70s, single glazed windows and walls pretty much made of cardboard! Noice! (there are luxury rooms available!)

Day 1
We arrived to take part in BODYCOMBAT™ with Justin Riley, followed by Zumba. Combat was awesome, its great to see the presenters and to go over some of the old Combat tracks.

I wish I could say the same about Zumba. It was absolute shambles! I was right at the front, didn't have a clue what I was doing as there was no ques, visual or verbal no teaching points and by the time you have got any where near close to performing the move that she was doing, it changed. Not a good Zumba experience at all...coming from someone who really enjoys Zumba normally. 

We chilled out the rest of that night, with Pizza in our shack to prepare us for the following day.
Day 2
8am BODYPUMP™ with Justin Riley. Awesome. End of.

10.30 am Body Combat with Justin and Lee.
We then thought we were doing our booked Blast fx class...realised we weren't and left as we were not meant to be in there! Jo Parry's Bootylicious party was fantastic! Its such a shame her mic kept cutting out on her because she really was brilliant!

WaterWorks 3 followed for me where I finally got to meet Damon Phipps-Newman, the joint programme director with Jenny. He taught a brilliant Water Works class which I really enjoyed, it seemed to last about 10 minutes! Time flies when your having fun eh!I also met Jennys gooorgeous little girl.
Finishing off with BODYATTACK™ presented by Vanessa labort and Nimah McGuirk, two gals you can always count on for an amazing I made it through I will never know!
I didn't get myself a mat for this part and was slipping too much on my sweat...soooooo I took piccys instead.
 That finished it for that day, back to our room we went to get dolled up for a yummy dinner in Simply Italian.

Day 3
Another 8am start, this time kicking it off with Body Step, again with Vanessa, and again, a brilliant class. By the end of this my legs were beginning to give up, but of course i wasn't about to take my weights down in Body Pump! To finish off our weekend we went to BODYBALANCE™ presented by Niamh. The perfect end to a fab weekend. Arriving back at home I was so so drained both physically and mentally, but I have got plenty of time to recover befor the next one in March! BRING IT ON!!

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