Friday, 22 October 2010

Maxitone Sculptress bars

I have recently recieved some Maxitone Sculptress Bars,
"These high protein bars will take hold of your appetite, providing a tasty snack that will not only fill you up and reduce cravings but support your metabolism too. With good fat CLA, green tea and guarana to increase fat loss these bars are in a super convenient format to keep you on track towards your goals."

I was really excited to get them and try them as I think they would really benefit me, especially as they are chocolate flavoured and i LOVE chocolate. Unfortunately, I don't like all chocolate, these ones are dark chocolate flavoured. I must say, these are the first Maxitone product that I actually don't like! I can eat them, but ut has to be in stages. Peoples tastes vary so don't be afraid to try them out, there is currently an offer on them on the Maxitone website. Check it out HERE. They are also available in chocolate orange flavour, which I will try next!


kirstyb said...

but what if your trying to cut down on calories. there not like the bars in mean girls are they? xxx

Fitness freak said...

No, no not like the ones in mean girls, they were weight GAIN bars, the Sculptress Bares are part of Maxitone's weight loss range, so they promote weight loss. They have 204 calories and help make you feel fuller for longer, and support your metabolism too!