Wednesday, 15 September 2010

"Why Army style fitness workouts are all pain and no gain"-Daily Mail

I was reading FitPro News when I came across this article. I read through it a few times and absolutely cannot believe it! This article has 'don't exercise you will hurt yourself' written all over it. I thought that in the current climate of an obese riddled country we should be encouraging people to exercise and be healthy but this article is suggesting; you should not run, you should not do sit ups, you should not go to a military style bootcamp because you might get shouted at. Running and sit ups are two of the simplest exercises you could possibly do, and getting shouted at at a MILITARY STYLE BOOTCAMP...well, honestly, if you weren't expecting to be shouted at and pushed to your physical limits...why would you go?

                       "surely no self-respecting adult really enjoys performing a wheelbarrow                              (crawling along the floor on your hands while another holds your legs behind you)? 
There are more dignified ways of honing your core strength"

There may very well be more dignified ways, but I would put money on it that they would be boring. The wheelbarrow puts a bit of variety into their core workout, makes it a bit more fun. 
In the comment section one lady states that 

"All of the negative comments are based upon opinion with no evidence to back up their claims on either injury, posture or the conduct of the instructors in the British Military Fitness."
I completely 110% agree with her. She the goes on to say quite comically

"or the women who will never go back because her instructor shouted at her and asked her to do squats", "If you hurt your knee skiing then surely it is skiing that is bad for you.

I feel that classes like this are not only about helping people to achieve their goals, but also to help them realise their full potential.
"making someone do lots of press-ups when they can't even do a single one"  To me, this statement says that this person in actual fact is doing press ups that they didn't realise that could do.

I have so much more I would like to rant about regarding this article, but I would be here all day! Have a read of the article yourself HERE and let me know what you think too.

I personally couldn't think of anything better to do that got to one of these classes!

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