Monday, 13 September 2010

Cho-Yung weight loss tea

Following a post I did back in april on Cho-Yung weight loss tea I would like you all to read this comment that was left by Martina

read a review on what appeared to be a reputable Irish Medical Paper on Cho Yung Tea and Procleanse Gold - they appear to be the same company. I signed up for the Trial of 14 at 8.99€ for both. It was only afterwards I read the details re the Fraudulent manner in which they operate, and sent an email with 48 hours to advise that I did not want any further product nor did I authorise any further withdrawal of money from my Visa car. I also phoned my Visa company who told me to wait and see if they would take more money In the event they die, both of them taking money again after 15 days, despite my having emailed them, Proclense Gold took over 30 € and Cho Yung Tea over 50€. Well I am loosing weight o.k but not from the tea, which I have never used, but from trying to get them to leave my money alone. I have had to cancel my Visa card and have None as this comes up as a type of standing order every month and the way Visa works it will pay it our. However the good news is that Visa will also follow both companies for me, as I have and email record of all correspondence and they advise that they will request that my money be returned and that both companies be subjected to a fine of up to 3000€ for breach of trading regulations. Be careful out there." 

If you want to drink tea to support your weight loss or detoxing goals I would suggest just drinking regular green tea, and not wasting money on scams such as this one.

If you come across any weight loss supplememnts that you are interested in but you think may be a bit dodgy, please don't hesitate to let me know, and I would love to check them out for you. 

Unfortunately I couldn't get in touch with Martina as her profile is set to private, but Martina, if you read this, I really hope everything had worked out for you! It really is terrible what companies like this do. 

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