Thursday, 9 September 2010

K-Swiss Tubes

So as I said in the previous post, at Colossus I got my hands on a few freebies. And not just a few bits of lucozade bars here and there. I got a pair of trainers!!! With two sweatbands. I have never had a pair of K-Swiss shoes before, their not really a make that I would think "I need some new trainers, oh I think I'll get some K-Swiss'", I have now changed my mind. The trainers both look and feel great!
To get your hands on some click HERE. There are many different colours that you can get. Also with every purchase you get a free K-Swiss gym bag, water bottle and towel...I want them too! Am I being greedy? After all they did give me free trainers! haha

These bad boys are seriously worth a try, they feel like your walking on bouncy marshmallows!  They have enough what I can only describe as 'squish' in them to absorb any impact headed towards your knees and shins. I've been teaching classes in them ever since I got them and haven't had a single twinge in my knees! These trainers really are great!

Check out their facebook page...'like' it, and then 'like' my wall post please :) Click here to do so, and then scroll down to my comment, (Sophie Barrett), and get 'liking'!!

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