Sunday, 11 July 2010


I have recently been on a course to enable me to teach WaterWorks aqua, the pre choreographed to music answer to aqua aerobics.

WaterWorks is the effective total body workout where you are immersed in a fun environment and can choose your intensity level. WaterWorks provides a new concept 45-minute aqua class to appeal to all shapes and sizes.  All our instructors are fully trained and supported; ensuring that WaterWorks is FUN and WORKS!

 It was a two day course where we learnt
-what is essential for teaching a WaterWorks class
-about the strucure of the class
-the break down of all the moves
-tips on learning the cjoreography
-the properties of water and why WaterWorks works!
and so so much more

Taught by Jenny Jolliffe herself, it was a fun and inspirational two days which really helped me to realise how good a workout aqua aerobics can be. With a blend of music from Cher, to Justin Timberlake to Sting, there is music to suit everyones tastes, and with simple yet effective choreography it is easy to keep up with the routines.

Water Works is a 45 minute class featuring 9 tracks from a warm up, to speed, to conditioning, to power peaks and aqua running, it is an extremely fun and enjoyable workout.

If you see WaterWorks advertised in a pool near you I would highly recommend trying it out, you may surprise yourself!

For more information on WaterWorks, click here

I just want to say a massive thankyou to Jenny for being so great on the course, and to herself and Damon (founder directors) for creating WaterWorks. I love it!

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kirstyb said...

it looks like lots of fun xxx