Friday, 30 July 2010

Water Works-Diary of an Instructor 2

My second class was with a different group. A slightly younger crowd, between 30 and 50. I was covering for another Instructor at a weight loss group.

The feedback from the group was really quite phenomenal, they told me that they knew when the pool we were at was free and I could rent it to teach WaterWorks, they said they would come bring their friends and would pay double what they were paying for that class! (I have my suspicions that, that could have been a slight exageration!)

Main feedback...
-The repetitiveness made it so much easier for them to follow
-Tempo was spot on, with their other instructor they felt that she doesn't know what it is like to perform the exercises in the water as its all too fast for them. I stayed for a chat at the end and discussed with them the training that I went through for WaterWorks and that on the course we were advised to practise in the pool so we truly understand the workout. Yes I have done that, and yes people who didn't know what I was doing probably thought I was a bit mad, but I'm used to that :)
-Enjoyed the music choices and wern't afraid to sing along.
-They loved it when I got in the pool! Lots of giggling and screeching when I got in!

The only place I went wrong here was that I don't know that pool well, and didn't realise there was a deep end, so whilst I'm spotty dogging off to the other end, I didn't know why they weren't following, 'We don't want to drown' was their excuse. Woops!

Unfortunately there were no dumbells available at this pool, so we had to use woggles, which I just didn't think was the same :( By the way, I heard through the grapevine that woggles can no longer be called woggles. Noodles apparently is the new name. I prefer woggles!

Overall, WaterWorks is being really well received and I'm enjoying teaching the programme.
Go WaterWorks :D

Click here for more info on the programme.

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