Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Best Sports Bra EVER!

I came across this bad boy in Sports Direct a few days ago. I didn't yet own a pink sports bra so I figured it would be a good investment at £10.99, absolute bargain!

After wearing it in the gym I took it off and chucked it on my bathroom floor before getting in the shower. I left my dirty washing on the floor until the morning (naughty I know). When I picked it up the next day it was inside-out (not to my knowledge). I was confused to say the least and just couldn't figure out when I had bought this new black sports bra.

When I took it out of the wash it was the right way round again. I didn't remember putting this bra into the wash and was again confused, where was the random black one? Eventually realisation hit me like a truck....I unknowingly bought a reversible Sports bra! AWESOME!


kirstyb said...

oh wow that is brilliant i think i need one 2 for the price of 1 i like xxxx

Ian said...

haha awesome, if only everything was reversible!

Suggested reading for you: Thrive Fitness by Brendan Brazier.

kirstyb said...

you sister are infact hilarious! loves ya & looking forward to tommorow! obviously im in the front seat! mwah xxxxxx

Fitness freak said...

Thanks Ian, I'll keep my eyes peeled for it!