Sunday, 10 February 2013

This Week (24/01/2013) I'm thinking about...

RoseOx®. I have been lucky enough to make it through the winter so far without catching any bugs/ viruses/ lergies, until now, I have been blessed with a throat infection. I've felt it tickling for the last few weeks but thought I had strained my voice having taught so many classes without a head mic recently. It has now become apparent that this is not the case. RoseOx® supports the immune system and improves the benefits of other vitamins, including vitamin C and E. I'm awaiting their arrival to get my immune system boosted from next week! Order yours HERE.

New Shoes!
Every girl loves new shoes right? Well, I am OBSESSED with trainers! Specifically Nike Frees, my latest pair are Nike Free 3.0. They are absolutely AMAZING!! Their flexible and squishy, I think they look gorgeous, they feel gorgeous. I want a pair in every colour...but I have had to put a limit on my trainer buying habit. I've been limited to one pair every 3 months, so no more for me until the beginning of April. *sigh*. Oh well, that leaves me 2 months to choose ;) Nike Store

BBC Horizon
I watched half of the first one and felt it sent out the wrong message...which was confirmed when I started coming across gym goers who had seen it who were delighted to only have to spend 3 minutes in the gym a week. And obese people claiming they have tried everything possible (apart from moving more and eating less obviously), who decided that they were 'non-responders' to exercise. Don't get me wrong, the research into it is great, it's actually very interesting, but the outcome was just very irritating. Have you been watching it? What do you think? Watch here

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