Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Workout 1b

I have left Loughborough for the Summer and am now back at home in Eastbourne. As my other half has recently left his job as personal trainer at my local David Lloyd club, I no longer get my free gym membership :( I was a member there when I was a lil'un then rejoined at 17, started working there when I was 18, and have been a member ever since. I thought I would be a bit lost without it but I have welcomed the change with open arms and joined another gym. The gym I have joined is the Brighton University gym at the Eastbourne campus which has just had a biiig makeover. As I am a mid morning gymer it is always dead when I go in, to the extent that yesterday there was no-one but me in there, it was lovely! So new, routine, new gym, new workout!

Rower 800m
Low row 15kg 3 sets 12 reps

Set 1
Single arm row R+L 10kg DB 12 reps
Bicep Curls BB 12.5kg 12 reps
Bicycle (abs) R+L 12 reps                       

Set 2
Dead row 25kg BB 12reps
Shoulder side raise 4kg DB 12 reps
Plank 30secs hands on BB

Set 3
Wood chops from ground up (is that still a wood chop?) Cables 6.5kg 10reps R+L
Rotator cuff: Horizontal Abduction Cable, no weight 10reps R+L

Set 4
Lat Pull down 20kg 3sets 12 reps

Set 5
Swiss Ball Cobra 12 Reps
Swiss Ball Crunch 12 Reps  

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