Saturday, 28 May 2011

Gym Closure

I can't believe the Fitness First club in Eastbourne is shutting down! It has come as a massive shock as no one seemed to have a clue, the gym is always busy classes are packed yet the company has still decided to let it go. This morning is when the members found out, members who not only use the gym and classes to keep fit but have a massive social life in there too. I teach Saturday morning Body Pump and Body Combat there and am so so sad to see it go, not just because I am loosing out on money but because I am going to really miss my class participants. I have never taught people who bring so much energy to the room, they absolutely love it! and I love them! I hate this silly recession.


Anonymous said...

They've closed quite a few in one go. The own I use in Bradford announced closure at same time as yours. Like Eastbourne this one was busy and came as a bolt from the blue.

I found the letter from FF quite arrogant, they assume everyone's just going to trot of to nearest alternative FF - oh no we're not. This morning I joined a nearby gym, there was literally a queue of former FF members joining.

I think they've lost the plot.

Fitness freak said...

Such a shame...they have done a massive favour for all the other gyms in my area by providing them with so many new members!