Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Witness the Fitness- Tricep Extention

This week you get to Witness the Fitness of the Tricep Extension.

There are many different variations of the Tricep Extension. 
Today we are looking at the lying Tricep Extension
 (aka skull crushers, can you guess why?)


Set Position: Lay back on a bench
Push your lower back into the bench
Dig your heels into the ground feet hip width apart
Hold barbell no wider than shoulder width apart
Tuck in your chin
Shoulders down away from the ears
Soft elbows
Imagine you are holding a beach ball between your elbows...don't drop it!


Bend from the elbows
Lower bar to a fist distance for the head for a count of three
Hold for a count of two
Return to start for a count of one

Ensure that:
Your lower back remains pushed into the bench at all times
You keep both feet flat on the floor
Do not allow your elbows to sway out, KEEP HOLD OF THE BEACH BALL!

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